Tijen Bozdemir is proud to present È TIJEN - An idea born in her early teens; with relentless power over her every decision that has finally led to this incredibly exciting moment. 
Tijen's inspiration comes from her Turkish heritage and often looks to family photos for creativity - drawn to those capturing family holidays in the European sun. 

 "I am really lucky to have never doubted my path is in fashion. When asked what career I wanted to pursue in school, I always confidently said I wanted to move to New York and become a famous Fashion Designer. Although the reality of moving to New York and becoming famous is no longer in my priorities, the foundation of my teenage aspirations remains the same." 

Studying fashion at university was the most practical way to develop her craft, so in 2015 she applied for the Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours) at RMIT University. Although rejected from the course, she was finally accepted in 2018 after finishing her Associate Degree in Fashion Design & Technology. 
Armed with the knowledge from her studies, she quickly delved into the conceptual process of fashion design, and in 2020 Tijens Honours Collection was featured in Melbourne Fashion Week, where she was one of five students Victoria wide, nominated for the yearly Student Award. 
"These achievements aren't just points on my resume; they are moments in my career filled with tears of joy and pure celebration - equally matched with unwavering stress and slithers of self-doubt. But the end of that rollercoaster has led to the inception of  È TIJEN, and I couldn't be more excited and grateful to share it with the world!"